Monthly Archives: October 2011

flashback to “Clowns” by Goldfrapp w/terribly misheard lyrics ;)

I just spent an hour trying to find an old forum posting about a song, “Clowns” by Goldfrapp that i loved from back in the day (~2008) and I finally found it.  if you arent familiar with the song, here is a link: .  Yes, she has marbles in her mouth or something.  dont worry about what she is actually saying for now. Just visit this post for what someone thought she **might** be saying. god, i laughed and laughed and laughed…  even like 3 years later i am still laughing at this.  Now…rewatch the video and read along with the lyrics.  the terrifying thing is that if you don’t know better (NO CHEATING!), their interpretation is fairly plausible.  Please to enjoy.