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(Repost from another blogger)the state killed two men last night (but we only cared for Troy Davis)

the state killed two men last night (but we only cared for Troy Davis).


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Tonight Georgia Murdered Troy Davis 9-21-2011

I dont know how to talk about it, because it just doesnt seem real.  After a prolonged legal battle in the wake of a shoddy trial, the state of Georgi executed Troy Davis tonight.  I didnt want to hope…i didnt want to believe maybe justice would get a chance this time, but i really really thought maybe the disintegration of the case against him might cause the supreme court to reconsider this planned murder.  I just feel heart-sick.  I hurt for Troy and his family, for the family of the man he was accused of killing, i hurt for the hundreds if not thousands who sit on death row in this country, some of whom are innocent, but none of whom deserve to die at the hands of the state.  I am so ashamed of our justice system right now, so ashamed of the cowards who lack the moral fiber to take a stand… we have a lot of nerve complaining about the way other countries treat their population when we have state sponsored and run executions.  It’s an ugly night for America, and a disheartening night with the extinguishing of another life.

Update 9-22-2011  I have learned of another execution in Texas last night, of a man named Lawrence Brewer.  He was accused and convicted of a violent murder back in 1993. There was never much doubt of his guilt, and he had little support, and certainly little or no protest or activism on his behalf.  His life and death are now almost an afterthought…it is troubling that I…we… are so transfixed by the murder of Troy Davis, yet relatively few have Lawrence Brewer on their minds today.  If we take the stance that Troy Davis’ execution was abhorrent, it seems extremely dissonant that we dont feel the same urgency about Lawrence Brewer…I feel ashamed that I didnt even know this man Brewer, and that he was killed in my name last night.

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