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America loses in Palin vs. History

Sarah Palin is a dangerous historian (read: bad) and Americans deserve better.

I don’t care for Sarah Palin so I’ll admit some bias but her insistence that Paul Revere undertook his famous ride (solely) to warn the British that they couldn’t take our guns or beat our militia is probably the baldest piece of misrepresentation/balderdash I have ever seen a politician display.  Now, it is true that Revere was eventually captured and told the British who captured him that there was an exaggerated number of militiamen preparing to oppose them.  But the purpose of his ride was not to scare the British, it was to prepare the colonists. To paint it otherwise is ridiculous.

I guess what is appalling to me is how this is indicative of a move away from enlightened politics and politicians towards beer-buddy elected officials.  Candidates of (at least *SOME*) substance are being replaced by candidates with flashing smiles, charm, and a mouthful of talking points.

It seems a rudimentary grasp of American history should be a self-imposed requirement for seeking public office.  Why else run for the office, unless you have traced our historical trajectory, analyzed it, and determined that your understanding and talents can correct the course.  Without perspective on how we arrived where we are presently, how can we address our current ails and prepare for the future.  I am not ashamed to say i want experts, i want smart people, i want people of vision and understanding leading our country.  I don’t want my best friends, i don’t want the folks i drink with.  I don’t want cool or funny people.  I want capable people.  If they happen to be some of the other thing, that is icing.  I will gladly support a dull, homely candidate if I believe they have the right stuff to make change happen. If you have seen Idiocracy you see this sort of political system taken to its ridiculous extreme
Why are we turning our governance over to people who apparently don’t know much about it outside of talking points? I cant know if Palin was handed that tiny “fact” by  a handler somewhere along the line to deploy for PR sake, or if she has genuinely believed that it to be true, and i guess it doesn’t matter, really.  But Americans should demand leadership that goes beyond talking points, colloquialisms and hot air.  We should demand substance.

if Palin at least had the grace to admit she fumbled the facts, I could just chuckle and /facepalm and move on, but she is adamant that she’s got history right here.   Ugh. she even says “we need to have a strong grasp of our foundational history”

sometimes i am embarassed to be american 😦

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an album worth checking out

hey all,

been following Merival for a while on the youtubes and twitter.  was thrilled to see her update her bandcamp site, among other things, you can find a complete album of hers *FOR FREE* there.  Here is probly my favorite track off the album.

She is awesome, and the songs are quiet, and thoughtful, and meaningful.  I hope you enjoy them. You can see her here: or as part of the duo Kildear here: