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Bigger than the hole in your black hole theory was…

Nice Peter and his crew are just going to town on this Epic Rap Battle idea. Loving every song,

Check out:
Chuck Norris vs. Abe Lincoln (I’ve got a bucket full of my head, and I’m about to make it rain)
Hulk Hogan vs Kim Jong Il (You’re a fake, a phony, a rice-a-roni jabroni)


check em out 🙂

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Dunemud. Where you go to find out if Mreh is an exclamation, a situation, or a punctuation

Many Many many moons ago I fell in love with a series of books…this led naturally to a game based upon those books.  Addiction, being a winsome beast indeed, led me to devote much time and energy to this game way before MMORPGs become the phenomenon we see today.  Anyways after a long hiatus i dropped in tonight to find the place alive and kicking.  what a joy.  I plan to renew my acquaintances with who are still there and maybe make some new friends.  anyways, i heartily recommend any hapless soul who stumbled across this blog, let alone this post (sheesh, how did you get here?!) to check out the game.   No flashy graphics or stuff like that, just solid game mechanics, and a truly great time.  enjoy



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Not your father’s STNG


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Birds on a Wire, or: How josh loses an evening to tangents…

so a friend of mine knows the cat who made this video…it’s not like he contrived this..he was just, like…you know…”in the moment” enough to be paying attention.  It helps to have the equipment at hand tho.  Those creative types must always be prepared….

So the Song is by this guy: and is haunting,  it’s called:”L’autre Valse d’Amélie”  which means something like “Amelies Other Waltz”.  I dunno i dont speak French..could be literally “The Other Waltz of Amelie”  hell it could be a round about way of saying “Her other dance” and be a tongue in cheek way to imply she’s lying…who knows.  anyways, it is beautiful.  Below is a great video of a musician playing multiple instruments to get the full sound, and the vid itself is almost like a Videosong.   I see Jack Conte everywhere, lol.


Got a raise 🙂



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Jack Conte has a new album!


if you dont know who Jack Conte is, you should find out….

His videosongs are a breath of fresh air…


Somebody thought of this, someone approved it.

Jim Henson’s underneath.